Tuesday, October 17, 2017

In September 1995, a group comprised of Stuart Rosenberg, then an attorney from DeWitt Ross & Stevens, Attorney Dick Lehmann from Boardman Law Firm; Ciaran Mannion, Executive Director for the Minnesota Environmental Initiative (MEI); Mike Eggleston, Board Chair for MEI, and John Imes (then Environmental Manager for Quad/Graphics) came together and planned the launch of a new organization. Sixteen years later, our founding mission remains intact - a dedication to bringing together business, government and citizen groups in a neutral forum to address issues for the benefit of Wisconsin's environment and economy.

Led by an energetic board and dedicated staff, the organization has held many policy forums, programs and events over the years, covering diverse topics such as Green & Growing Strategies, Green Tier Advantage, WI Bioindustry, Quality Urban Development, Animal Agriculture, Purchase & Transfer of Development Rights, Energy Policy, Shoreland Development, Green Building and Profit-Driven Environmental Management. World class speakers including, renowned architect Bill McDonough, Ray Anderson, CEO of Interface and green business guru Joel Makower have keynoted WEI's events and brought national and global perspectives to state concerns.

WEI's nationally recognized Green Built Home and the development of sustainable tourism certification programs demonstrate that market based, affordable programs can help businesses evaluate their operations, set goals, and take specific actions towards environmental, social and economic sustainability.