Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Clean Clear Waters News and Updates

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WEI Executive Director John Imes published a guest column in The Cap Times, The Daily Reporter and WisPolitics to raise concerns about efforts in Legislature to roll back and limit control and responsible management of our lakes and shorelands. 

On February 16, 2016 the Wisconsin State Senate revised and removed many (but not all) of the most controversial parts of these bills. The Assembly will consider the revisions on Feb. 18. Please encourage policymakers to take a step back, reject these bills and embrace a more collaborative, practical and effective way forward. 


After a full year of work, Treysta on the Water is having their open house on June 5th from 3pm to 7pm. For more information click here


 The Wisconsin State Journal covered yesterday's groundbreaking event for Treysta on the Water, who achieved the Clean Clear Waters Challenge. Read up on the article here.


We had a great time yesterday at the groundbreaking event for Treysta on the Water, the first ever residential and commercial development to achieve the Clean Clear Waters Challenge. Listen to what Executive Director John Imes has to say about the accomplishment and the Clean Clear Waters Program and check out our Facebook Page for pictures and details about this innovative project.


Press release for the groundbreaking of Treysta on the Water.


NewsLeaf Friends of the Arboretum Newsletter featured an article on the Arbor House Inn, the first Clean Clear Waters certified home, and the native plant sale. Find it here!


Executive Director, John Imes, gave a presentation on Clean Clear Waters at the 11th Annual "Advancements in Stormwater and Erosion Control" conference hosted by Naseca Wisconsin. View his presentation: Clean Clear Waters' Designation for Advanced Erosion Control.


Press release for the launch of Clean Clear Waters.


New Shorewood Hills home seen as showcase for advanced erosion control practices. The Wisconsin State Journal covered the launch of the Clean Clear Waters Challenge. The event was held at the first certified home and showcased the significance of advanced erosion control practices for the quality of Madison lakes.  


Read more about Green Built Home and Clean Clear Waters in our new brochure.

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