Tuesday, October 17, 2017

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Wisconsin lakes are the jewels of our state. A key challenge to protecting and enhancing our lakes is better management of stormwater runoff. Run-off causes soil erosion and can contain contaminants like motor oils and grease, pesticides, fertilizers and de-icing salt that are harmful to waterways. Each of us can play an important role improving our lakes by implementing the best practices in our landscaping, lawn care and related efforts to reduce run-off and become better environmental stewards. By following some simple guidelines, you can add to the enjoyment of your property, increase its value and help preserve our lakes for future generations.

Home builders and developers -- Register  here for the Clean Clear Waters Challenge!

Click here to check out the Wisconsin State Journal article on the launch of Clean Clear Waters Challenge, held at the first certified home!

Legislative meddling leads to irresponsible development that degrades our waters and economy

WEI Executive Director John Imes published a guest column in The Cap Times, The Daily Reporter and WisPolitics to raise concerns about efforts in the Legislature to roll back and limit control and responsible management of our lakes and shorelands. 

On February 16, 2016 the Wisconsin State Senate revised and removed many (but not all) of the most controversial provisions of these bills. Please encourage policymakers to take a step back, reject these bills and embrace a more collaborative, practical and effective way forward.