Tuesday, September 26, 2017

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Financial and Environmental Benefits

Green Built Homes have huge environmental and financial benefits. Learn more.  

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Energy efficient, eco-friendly building projects are gaining momentum and popping up throughout the country. While green building may seem intuitive, information about the topic is overwhelming and often contradictory. WEI provides up-to-date information so you can make the most informed decisions. 

What is Green Built Home?

Green Built Home certifies new home and remodeling projects that meet sustainable building and energy standards. By promoting building practices and products that reduce the ecological footprint of new home construction, WEI hopes to encourage sustainable community development. Support for Green Built Home comes from organizations that promote green building and energy efficiency for Wisconsin.

What are the Benefits to Green Built Homeowners?

Green Built Homes are superior products. They save money on utility and maintenance expenses, provide better indoor air quality and give homeowners a sense of pride knowing that their home has a reduced impact on the environment. Green Built Homes are also more comfortable, durable and safe.

How is a Home Certified?

Home buyers and builders work together to select home features from the Green Built Home Checklists. The Checklist outlines the requirements each home must meet to conserve energy, improve indoor air quality and control erosion. Each Checklist feature is given a point value. New homes must earn at least 60 points to be certified. Remodeling projects must earn 10-60 points depending on the time of project.

Can I Remodel a Home to Green Built Home Standards and Have It Certified?

Yes! Green Built Home has developed a Remodeling Checklist and launched the Green Built Remodeled Home program in January 2006. Remodeling contractors are invited to enroll in the program and certify their remodeling projects.