Tuesday, October 17, 2017

For Verifiers:

Builders must hire Green Built Home approved verifiers. Green Built Home certified third-party verifiers will review completed Checklists, plans and other submittals, conduct site visits and document that all Basic Requirements and Green Built Specifications are met for every home entered into the program. Verification that Wisconsin ENERGY STAR Homes standards have been met will also be required for every home.

Want to become a Verifier?

  1. Complete and submit the Verifier Application
  2. Complete the Verifiers Training
  3. Pass the Verifiers Accreditation Test 
  4. Complete and sign the Verification Participation Agreement Form and submit the Verifiers Accreditation and Listing Fee

Want more info? 

Download the Verifier Application and learn about verifying Green Built Homes! To access checklists and resources, please click the subsections available on this page.

Find a Verifier in Your Area

Green Built Home Verifiers are located throughout the state. Find a GBH verifier to certify your latest projects.

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