Tuesday, October 17, 2017

GBH Multi-Family Projects:


  • $70 per unit 


  • $100 per unit 

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Please note the following regarding Green Built certification for Low-Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) project development in Wisconsin:

As you know, WHEDA awards points for each project built according to the Wisconsin Green Built Home standards. Green Built Home is an affordable, national award-winning green building initiative that reviews and certifies projects that meet sustainable building standards.

Your initial application to WHEDA should have included an architect certification showing the scoring range that is being certified by Wisconsin Green Built Home. Because LIHTC is a competitive process and WHEDA awards the most points for projects scoring greater than 150 points on the Green Built Home checklist, we strongly encourage applicants to plan and build their projects to exceed the 150-point threshold.

Please note the following in order to complete requirements for Wisconsin Green Built Home certification:  

  • Contact Wisconsin Green Built Home to register your project and discuss the Green Built Checklist requirements.
  • Fill out the Green Built Home Multi-Family Checklist, scoring your project on the program. Hire a Green Built Home certified third-party verifier to review completed Checklists, plans and other submittals, conduct site visits and document that all requirements are met for Wisconsin Green Built Home certification. *Please note: The Green Built checklist is copyrighted for use in a Certification project and our network of verifiers will only use the checklist for projects that will be certified.
  • Pay the Green Built Home certification fee to WEI. *WHEDA LIHTC projects are discounted 30% to $70 per unit. *Please note: The cost of project verification is separate from the certification fee and is negotiated with each verifier.*
  • Verifier will perform two site visits and complete verification documentation to determine the Green Built Home Checklist point total.
  • WEI reviews the verifier's work and issues the certification with the Final Checklist point total.

Finally, are you considering Wisconsin Green Built Home certification for any other projects? WEI can work with you to profile and highlight project success to stakeholders. As a credible, third-party non-profit organization, we can also alert local media outlets about your commitment to innovation. To learn more, please feel free to contact Executive Director John Imes at (608) 280-3060 or jimes@weigogreener.org.

In the meantime, thank you for all you're doing to provide high quality, affordable housing in Wisconsin -- built to Wisconsin Green Built Home standards.