Tuesday, October 17, 2017

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Main Street Green Business Owners

Main Street Green educates, certifies, supports and markets businesses that commit to implementing more sustainable business and operational practices.

Why Should Your Business Join Main Street Green?

In this sluggish economy, positioning your company is vital. Certifying your business will give your organization a unique edge and valuable benefits, including:

  • A website listing on weigogreener.org: With over 3000 unique monthly visitors, you can ensure that your company's name and website will gain exposure to a wide reach of prospective clients.
  • Social media interaction on our Facebook page: We want to spread the word about your company's commitment to the environment. We use this page as a platform to share your stories, projects, and successes.  
  • Use of the MSG logo: Promote your your green initiatives and distinguish your business from the competition using the MSG logo on your promotional materials. Only MSG members can use the logo.
  • Marketing materials: Members receive program checklists, informational brochures, signs, stickers and access to electronic copies of the MSG logo.
  • Alerts about green business news and grant opportunities: We provide members with the most up-to-date green business alerts so they can take advantage of opportunities to advance and update.

    How Much Does MSG Cost?

    The member fee pays for the administration and marketing costs of certification. The annual fee rate is based on Full Time Equivalent Employees (FTE). 

    MSG Annual Fees

    Number of Full Time Equivalent Employees (FTE)
    Initial Joining Fee
    Annual Renewal Fee
    1-5 $100 $150
    6-20 $200 $300
    20+ $800 $600

    It's Easy to Become a Member!