Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Main Street Green Checklists outline the basic requirements every
certified business must meet. 

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Main Street Green Checklists

The Main Street Green Checklists outline a series of basic requirements which every certified business must meet. To be certified as a Main Street Green Certified business, applicants must earn a minimum of 40 points from the Checklist. Applicants must fulfill the Basic Requirements and meet minimum point requirements in Section A and the remaining points can be earned from any combination of the Checklist Sections. Businesses are encouraged to go above and beyond the minimum and implement innovative “best practices” to achieve higher point totals and further market distinction.


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Click here to view our new Main Street Green Quick-Start Checklist!


  1. Fill out Main Street Green Checklist
  2. Print 2 copies of the checklist
  3. Save one copy of the Checklist for your records and mail the original to WEI:

16 North Carroll Street, Suite 840
Madison, WI 53703